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Better than we expected!

Brian and Margaret Moon -  St. Lucia - HotelsWe've been back at work now for almost a week, but it we'll be remembering our first stay at The Inn for many years to come.

We knew roughly what to expect from your web-site, however our stay turned out to be much better than we expected - all thanks to the care and thoughtfulness of yourselves.  

We didn't feel that we were at a hotel, we felt as if we were staying at a friend's home, and hopefully that's what we ended up doing.  

Thanks again, and we are already looking forward to our next stay - hopefully next May when the St. Lucia Jazz Festival is on !  

Warmest Regards,    

Brian and Margaret Moon -

So much more personal than a Hotel!

How are the two of you doing?  We really wanted to email as soon as we got back.... but coming back from vacation, there is so much to get caught up on. Not too mention, we have been going through serious vacation and rum punch withdrawal!!!!!.  It has been hard getting back to reality.  We want to come back!!!!  (would you let us???)

Normand, we miss your great jokes and one liners!  I think you may have been a comedian in your past life! We miss hanging out by the pool, and the trips to the bottom of the hill.  Thanks for coming to get us... The group of folks we met the first week were so much fun.  We feel privileged to be a part of the "wild bunch".

Tom & Lisa Perrier having breakfast! - St. Lucia HotelsTom and I really had a great time at The Inn On The Bay and Saint Lucia. The people we met in St. Lucia, and at the restaurants around Marigot Bay were wonderful. They made us feel at home on their island......we truly miss all the local folks that we met. Please say hi to Noel for us. Hoping he is doing o.k.....  tell him he is the best taxi driver around!

Our friends and family were  impressed by the pictures of the Inn On The Bay. However, the pictures really did not do it justice. The surroundings and the rooms were beautiful. 

We enjoyed Louise's wonderful breakfasts, and the "mood" music that you played during breakfast. It was hard our first week back.... I kept thinking, let's see right about now, if we were still in St. Lucia, we would be having coffee, fruit and wonderful pastries around the pool. But no.... back to a cold bagel!!

The two of you really made our trip special. The Inn On The Bay is so much more personal than a Hotel. You  catered to our every need, and really made us feel right at home. Thanks for setting up our excursions to the Pitons, and snorkeling. It was so nice not having to worry about these details. Tom and I hope to come back some time.  We really do miss you and Louise.... and of course Saint Lucia.

Hope to see you again. We'll keep in touch.

Warm regards,

Tom and Lisa Perrier -

We intend to return soon, perhaps with other couples!

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality during our stay with you in March. Having been to a number of islands in the Caribbean, and having stayed in a variety of hotels, we have learned that small is good, and that intimate is even better! And that is my description of your remarkable inn.

Tom and Michelle MacDonald - St. Lucia HotelsThe view from the top of the hill is spectacular...a view that constantly reminds your guests of the unique location you let us share with you. The amenities in and around the Inn were also unique-great meals, good service, and, above all, a feeling that we were not simply tourists herded to the next tourist spot, but people given an opportunity to interact and share meals and life with the lucky people of Marigot Bay.

We intend to return soon, perhaps with other couples that will equally enjoy the special qualities of The Inn On The Bay.

All the best to you both,

Tom and Michelle MacDonald 

St. Lucia was the best!

Channelle and Greg Lapham - St. Lucia HotelsThank you so much for the hospitality during our stay at the Inn on the Bay.

Greg and I had a BRILLIANT time and thoroughly enjoyed St Lucia. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and arranging all the things we wished to do whilst on our trip to St Lucia.

You and Louise were the perfect hosts, treating us like we were your special guests. The sailing trip on the last three days were excellent and we had a great time. 

Today is our first day back at work and as I have said to all that have inquired about the honeymoon, St. Lucia was the best! 

We did enjoy Barbados and Jamaica but they did not compare to The Inn On The Bay and St. Lucia.

Thank you once again for making the week so special.

Kind regards

Channelle and Greg Lapham -

A sense of feeling at home!

Elisa and Wayne Hubbs - St. Lucia HotelsWe want to sincerely thank you for what we consider to be one the most enjoyable and moving experiences we've had during vacationing. Your warmth and humor gave us not only something to look forward to when we were around the Inn, but also a sense of feeling at home. Which is a comfort and enjoyment rarely found.

With your help (and patience with Elisa's morning questionings), we were able to venture out on our own to experience the true culture and nature of the Island. I can't truly express the experience we had during our stay.

I think between the friendships we made, the great fun we had at the cliff house dinner party and "Jump up", snorkeling, swimming, boating, hiking and especially the adventures by car we had!, our trip has left an indelible impression on us that will never fade.

We will miss everyone we met locally as well as our "Inn friends" from around the globe. Perhaps we will arrange another vacation with them at the Inn again soon.

Until then, Thanks again!

Warmest regards,

Wayne and Elisa Hubbs 

A few days in Paradise!

First of all we want to thank you for your kind and sincere hospitality. We instantly felt at home and therefore could enjoy every moment of our week with you. The personal attention and care you offer for your guest is making a holiday with you unforgettable.

Adriano and Nadine Bruno - St. Lucia HotelsYour house is located on the best spot on St. Lucia and we envy you for that. The picture on your web site tell about the spectacular view and it's hard to look at without booking right on again... We always think back at the lovely breakfast which Louise prepared with such care; where else can you have coffee and toast overlooking a wonderful bay of the Caribbean ?

We spent our days driving around the interesting island (the Jeep was a lot of fun), sailing along the coast together with the other couples from the Inn, or simply spent the day at the beach. At night we would spend a good dinner in one of the 5 restaurants on the bay. Our favorite was The Shack; having a candle light dinner over the water is unique (sometimes followed by a quiet midnight swim in the pool). Unique are also the people of the island, who are very kind and always in a good humor.

Of course we enjoyed meeting the other guests during that week. Meeting new friends is not something that happens every day ! We really hope that we can come back once again in the near future. The Inn on the Bay and St. Lucia are a very good combination for spending a few days in paradise...

Normand et Louise, nous vous souhaitons bonne chance et nous espérons vous revoir!
(We wish you good luck and we hope to see you again!)

Adriano and Nadine Bruno -

To our friends at The Inn On The Bay

We have both traveled to many parts of the world, but we found a paradise in Saint Lucia that even the photographs cannot do justice to! Our stay with you at the Inn on the Bay was like heaven, literally, because of the beautiful location of the Inn, high on the hill top overlooking beautiful Marigot Bay. Words cannot properly describe what the two of you have at the Inn. Our two weeks with you so very special, and you both have such a wonderful way of each and every person feel so at home.

We can definitely say that the Inn on the Bay is the best place to stay in Marigot Bay and for that matter in all of Saint Lucia! What more could a person want, walking out of your room to look down on a Bay filled with any kind and size of boat you can imagine, two decks to enjoy both the beautiful sunrise and breath taking sunsets, breakfasts from Louise that will fill the emptiest stomach, peace and tranquility, cozy and inviting guest rooms, the lovely breeze blowing gently as we laid by the pool, Louise's beautiful gardens, and hosts that go out of their way to make your stay an event not just a trip.

Brenda and Cole Belliveau - St. Lucia Hotels
Normand you are so knowledgeable and helpful, booking our excursions for sightseeing, sailing, snorkeling, horseback riding and anything else that we were interested in.

Your sense of humor is so refreshing and welcoming and your selection of music for the  breakfasts was wonderful.

On our last morning at breakfast when you played my all time favorite song, Louis Armstrong's  "What a Wonderful World", a had such a lump in my throat listening again to the words of this song. Louis must have visited St. Lucia and written this song as it really fits the way we felt about your Inn and the Island.

The food we ate at Marigot Bay was so delicious, Louise's amazing breakfasts and top notch supper dining at The Shack. The people of St. Lucia are wonderful and so friendly and Marigot Bay is so central for sightseeing all parts of the Island. The sunset cruise on the brig Unicorn and dinner after are a must! The snorkeling at Anse Chastenet is out of this world and how romantic as well to snorkel hand in hand while seeing fish and coral of any color you can imagine!

Your choice to keep the rooms free of TV, telephones and radios is so refreshing. No distractions and a chance for couples to enjoy, re-discover each other, to rekindle love by talking and sharing. Every night we stood on the balcony outside our room and drank in the view of stars shining down of this perfect little Bay. If anyone was to ask us the one place we would pick first to travel to out of all the places with have visited, we would say St. Lucia and our place to stay would be with Normand and Louise and The Inn on the Bay!

Brenda and Cole Belliveau -

The perfect spot for romance!

Tammy and Randy Wagner - St. Lucia HotelsRandy and I just wanted to drop a note to thank you once again for the wonderful week we spent at the Inn. Our honeymoon was perfect--I kept having to pinch myself while I was there to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  The island of St.  Lucia is a treasure--the beautiful Caribbean Sea, the majestic mountains, and the greenery of the island all add up to perfection.  Not to mention all the warm and friendly people and sunshine!!  What more could a couple want!!!!!!  Well not a lot, but I can't leave without mentioning that staying on such a beautiful island would not be complete without a beautiful spot to stay in!! That is where The Inn On The Bay, with Normand and Louise factor in.

The Inn On The Bay is definitely an unfound treasure which makes it the perfect spot for romance!!!  Normand and Louise were so warm and genuine--and humorous as well!!  We keep telling everyone here that it was like staying with relatives.  The view from the Inn of Marigot Bay and the sea is something that I keep thinking about now that I am back home--we truly miss it.  We also miss our daily walks down to the Bay and then our dips into the pool when we got back up!!!  How refreshing!! On top of all that I have mentioned we were so very thankful to have seclusion after all the wedding preparations were over, and to also meet so many other genuine and warm couples who all seemed to know exactly how we felt.  It was fun to share wedding stories with all of them.   No wonder I found myself shedding tears on the morning of our departure--Randy and I felt so attached to the island and the Inn.  We will definitely be back for an anniversary.  

As we sit here and see snow and clouds all we can think of is you and Louise and the beautiful home you have shared with us.  

Thanks for the memories and the friendship.  We will be in touch.

Your friends,

Randy and Tammy Wagner -

We really did not want to leave...

Clarence, Cathreen, Louise and Normand - St. Lucia HotelsYou made our first trip to St. Lucia, a truly magnificent trip and wanting of another. Your warmth and hospitality made us feel as if we were at home or staying with family. Some of the most memorable moments at the Inn include our daily ritual morning breakfast by the pool (enough to put us back to bed for a nap even after the great coffee) and the sunset swims.

The magnificent views have been permanently imprinted in our minds and the feeling of paradise real. We never did make it to the cove to the south, but we will keep that for our next trip. We will remember the great conversations with you, other guests, and Lucians we met. The music, food and drink, local bus travel, clear warm waters and beaches, and tropical paradise have become enshrined in our desires to live an island life every day. We really did not want to leave, and remember ... we extend our overwhelming willingness to take care of the Inn during one of your "needed" vacations.

Also, thank you for proving that my "Montrealais/Quebecois" expressions were not invented!!!

Clarence et Cathreen Eng 

We plan to return!

Steve and Julie - St. Lucia HotelsWe will never forget you and Louise, and the people we met while we were there. We never expected to be entertained by such a "wild and funny guy." Are all French Canadians as good humored and fun as you are?

Thank you for all of the special attention that you gave us -- we felt so at home and comfortable at the Inn. It was always nice to come back after a "hard day" of snorkeling, eating, and lounging on the beach to relax with such great hosts and fellow guests.

I hope that you will not forget us, either, because we plan to return some day. We were truly blessed with good weather, good company, and a beautiful island to enjoy during our stay in St. Lucia. We will send you some pictures when we get them developed. Please give our fondest regards to Louise.

Ciao (for now) --

Steve and Julie Jorgensen 

It was truly a magnificent time!

Kerry, Randy, Normand and Louise - St. Lucia Hotels

Thank you again for all that you did to make our stay with you one of the best vacations imaginable. I don't know how soon we would be able to return, but it would definitely be at the top of our list. You really go out of your way to make your guests not only comfortable but seem, also to go the extra step to make sure that they have no choice but to enjoy their time in St. Lucia. It was truly a magnificent time!

Thanks again,

Kerry & Randy Keidan -

We hope to see you again!

Norman and Shelly Zable - St. Lucia HotelsThank you so much for the photograph and your kind e-mail.  We arrived home last evening to about 7 inches of new snow!!!  Quite a transition for us after the wonderful sunshine and warm temperatures of Marigot Bay! 

We already miss Louise's breakfasts at the pool with everyone and, of course, Normand's jokes and stories.  For people like us who only take vacations once a year, it's good to know  there are people like you that help make it so worthwhile. We are counting on our memories of the beautiful views and sunsets from the balcony at the Inn, as well as the sailing, snorkeling and diving experiences to carry us through to our next vacation.  

Thank you for hospitality, and we hope to see you again! 

Warmest regards,

Shelly and Norm Zable -

Thanks for a memorable trip!

David, Erika and Louise - St. Lucia HotelsThank you very much for the pictures! We enjoyed them very much and they are such nice memories of our stay. I have not yet got our film back from development but we are anxious to relive the days!

St. Lucia is so beautiful and everything about our vacation was so nice. But we both agree that our stay in Marigot and with you both was the nicest part, and we want to especially thank you especially for making our vacation the memorable trip that it was.

I can't imagine why you would ever entertain the thought given the paradise in which you live, but if you ever want to come to Philadelphia please know that you have a place to stay with us! (I can't promise I can match Louise's baking skills but I am willing to give it my best).

In the meantime, thank you again for everything, and I hope we can keep in touch!


Erika & David Rush -

Thank you for absolutely outstanding holidays!

Claudia & Matthias Broermann - St. Lucia hotelsIn our first time in the Caribbean's, we found a beautiful island with a phantastic landscape, deep jungle and a wonderful Caribbean sea. But this is only the quarter of the truth.

The main jewel is the Marigot Bay with its majestic Inn sitting on the Bay! At day or night - you always have one of the world's fantastic views! But if you realize this it isn't still all - Louise & Normand!! From the first minute you were so warm and friendly - even a German couple thawed in seconds!

Now being serious. Anytime we want something you were present. Only some words are significant for you both: "Just call me". All the activities, the insight tips and your lovely hospitality at The Inn made our holidays to a long lasting remembrance.

We have had wonderful 14 days at your Inn - thank you so much!!

Claudia & Matthias Broermann from Midwest Germany  

Keep a room open for us!

Thad and Judy Rosenfeld - St. Lucia HotelsJust a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay with y'all.  Everything about our visit was truly wonderful and we have you two to thank for that! 

Email from some of your past guests mentioned that staying at "Inn on the Bay" was like staying at a villa owned by personal friends...and now Judy and I know that to be true.  Except all of our friends would have charged us more per night.  

Thanks for all of the wonderful insights concerning the "do's and don'ts" of St. Lucia.  That's the kind of info you just won't get at an expensive resort.  You also won't get someone like Normand at one of those fancy places.  It's like having a concierge with a demented sense of humor.  And I mean "demented" in the best sense of the word.  Hope I didn't lose you any business with that comment, Normand.  By the way, thanks for picking up that CD for me in Castries.  "Who Let the Dogs Out? Wooh, Wooh, Wooh, Wooh".

Judy and I have already decided we're coming back to stay at the Inn for our five year anniversary.  Keep a room open for us.   


Thad & Judy Rosenfeld (deep in the heart of Texas) -

The best location on the island!

Liz and I were seeking a quiet hideaway to relax and recharge our batteries.We wanted warmth, peace, quiet unobtrusive service and no children. It was a joint 40th birthday present away from our own five children ( we love them dearly ) and the consequent non stop round of taxi-ing them to various activities.Liz and Nigel Close - St. Lucia Hotels

From England, the Caribbean is one of those dream destinations which to many has been that elusive "we'll go there one day when we win the Lottery".(Check out the prices folks, we got there easier and cheaper than some American couples we made friends with at The Inn). I am so glad that we found you on the Internet and that your site really did tell me everything I needed to know. I aim to use many of your really good ideas to include in my own Holiday Cottage Rental Agency Internet Site which I am setting up now.

(Update - January 2009 - I really can't believe that it is over 10 years since we were with you Normand & Louise but suffice to say, I like many others have an eternal pull back to looking at your site which is excellent. I still refer to your excellent feedback pages and am just about to incorporate some ideas into my http://www.howgillsbunkbarn.co.uk site which is on our farm in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and near the Lake District National Park in England. Although your home is a fabulous retreat for couples in an idyllic location, we are proud to now have been offering a unique group (up to 35 people) accommodation place for over 2 years which is hugely enjoyed by families and groups arranging a get together usually for a special celebration. Needless to say, just looking at your site again urges me to try and arrange a revisit. Kind Regards again, Nigel & Liz Close xx)

The delights of your Inn are that it is the really mesmeric location which people can see from your excellent photography. You really are in the best location on the island. We drove to Pigeon Point and all the 'Inclusive Hotels' by Reduit beach one day, so those attractions can be had but we were glad to return to Marigot Bay for a more restful period. Visitors really must use the local Minibus transportation as we have found that, like in most parts of the world, it really is the way to experience local life. (It is also the very economical alternative to the high taxi or car hire costs). The superb sailing trip has given us both the desire for a family sailing holiday around the Mediterranean (or maybe even Caribbean).

The St. Lucian local people are very, very friendly and although we were obviously targeted by the local entrepreneurs to buy whatever they had to offer, they were the most polite, considerate and charming with a negative response that we have witnessed anywhere. In short, our expectations were met and we will most certainly recommend your tranquil haven to all couples who are seeking paradise.

Kind Regards,

Nigel and Liz Close -

It's a boy!

Elias Hovorka - St. Lucia HotelsMy husband and I honeymooned and got married at the Inn on the Bay. We were the second couple to be married at your beautiful Inn. We are still happily married and have a beautiful baby boy named Elias. We sign on to your site every so often to remember the wonderful time we had. We will never forget the both of you. Louise's sweetness and awesome cooking and of course your humor, Normand.

We hope to visit you again some day. Hope everything is going well for you and you are enjoying one of the most spectacular places in the world (your Inn!).


Debbie & Skip Hovorka -

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more info on St. Lucia.

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We look forward to welcoming you to St. Lucia!

Your hosts at The Inn On The Bay,

Louise et Normand... with Hubert and Karla, our friends and resident managers.



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