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"A Comfortable Room, Fantastic Views of Marigot Bay, Delicious Breakfasts, a Free Cell Phone for You to Stay in Touch with Us during your Holidays as well as a Personalized Concierge Service!"

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An awesome honeymoon!

Fred and Kelly Ferraro - St. Lucia - HotelsI can't believe it has been a month since we spent such a wonderful week in your Inn! Getting back to the realities of everyday life has been something else! Our time with you and all the GREAT people we had a chance to get to know was unforgettable! Not to mention the beautiful island, GREAT food, and all the wonderful things we got to experience for the first time!

I have told SO many people about what an AWESOME honeymoon we had while in St. Lucia and how both of you made it so special!

Take Care! and Thanks again for making our stay so wonderful!

Kelly & Fred Ferraro - Dallas, Texas, USA -

The perfect choice for us!

Laura and Tom Kasner - St. Lucia - HotelsThe Inn On The Bay was the perfect choice for us in St. Lucia. The view of the Marigot Bay from the Inn was truly one of the most beautiful on the island. We loved Louise's chocolate croissants which she made for us again the day we left.

Normand couldn't have been more helpful when we were deciding where to go and what to do, not to mention always making us laugh! Normand and Louise pay close attention to all the little details which made things so much easier for us.

We developed a wonderful friendship with another couple from Wisconsin during our stay (Marcia and Curt - on the photo) and enjoyed the company of all the other couples that also stayed at the Inn.  

We plan to visit Normand and Louise again!

Laura and Tom Kasner - Akron, Ohio, USA  

Dear Norman and Louise,

Ginger Powell and Scott Hegan - St. Lucia - HotelsWe have thought of you so many times in the last six months. We miss you and we loved our time in St Lucia. You were the best hosts we could have hoped for, everything was just like you said it would be in your website (or better). I do not have the words to describe what a relaxing and memorable vacation you provided for Ginger and myself.


It's Monday morning, 7:00 AM, it's raining outside and my daughter has lost her raincoat. Half an hour later we find the coat, drenched, lying by the swings at a nearby park. To school, half hour late, to work one hour late. 

My shoulders are about mid-ear level when I see the picture of Marigot Bay on my desk at work, the view is from the deck of Inn by the Bay. Ah, loving memories of warm breezes, fresh grapefruit, and your undivided attention to the details that made our vacation to St. Lucia a sustaining memory.

Thanks, Normand and Louise. You got me through another rush hour in Seattle.

All the best,


Scott Hegan and Ginger Powell 

Your warm hospitality...

Normand, Louise, Katie and Dan - St. Lucia - HotelsDear Normand & Louise,

Thank you for everything!  We had a wonderful time while staying at The Inn On The Bay. It was a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing experience, and we wish we could still be there.  The spectacular views, your warm hospitality, and your 300 step trail (www.saint-lucia.com/snorkeling.html) will always be remembered.  We enjoyed spending time with you and the other guests, and hope to see you again.

Thanks again!

Katie and Dan Knapp - Virginia Beach, VA, USA -

Your wonderful house in Paradise !

Gus and Jill Gregory - St. Lucia - HotelsI have finally managed to get my act together and send you both an email to thank you for your hospitality shown to us during our stay at your wonderful house in paradise ! Jill and I have both been thinking about our stay non stop since our return to the UK.

My work has been keeping me very busy and so it was such a great pleasure to be in Marigot Bay where not much happens, plus the fact that we were able to spend time just relaxing and recharging the batteries.

Jill and I will more then likely come back to St Lucia and stay with you as we love that area and I think that Marigot Bay is one of our all time favorite places and your Inn on the Bay just tops it off for us.

We have kept in touch with the people that stayed there at the same time as us namely Teresa and John and we will probably see them in their villa in Spain this summer. Jill and I are looking to purchase a holiday villa in Spain or Portugal so if you would like to have a break from St Lucia when have purchased it then please just give us a shout.

In the meantime, I hope all is well and you are both keeping well, with nice guests to keep you company at your lovely house.

Take care and see you soon.

Angus (Gus) and Jill Gregory -

Such an enjoyable vacation!

I was sitting in my office yesterday - VERY cold and tired of the snow - and decided to relax during my lunch break (Instead of working through it...) and thought the St. Lucia scenery must be better than Washington DC right now... so I logged on to www.saint-lucia.com to bring back some memories....

Carol and Dave Eakins - St. Lucia - HotelsThere was Rick and Mary, not too far down the page on customer comments!  I went down a little bit more and there was Tom and Lisa!  I had already seen Ralph and Mary's picture earlier! So, of course I HAD to take the time and write an e-mail to the "fun bunch"!!!

Now that spring is hopefully right around the corner, we can't help but reminisce about the wonderful time we had at The Inn on the Bay!  Such beautiful scenery, nice weather, GREAT accommodations, good food and new friends! 

We were able to do different things with each couple which made it such an enjoyable vacation.  Dinners with everyone, breakfasts with Rick and Mary before their diving expeditions, sailing with Ralph and Mary, a "dinner show" complete with the Limbo and walking on glass with Tom and Lisa... however, I think the best time we all had was Saturday when Ralph and Mary's "extended" family came to visit and we all just hung around the pool!  

Then, going to dinner like one big happy family capped our vacation!  I may have mentioned this before, but when we flew off the island, we were able to see the house!  What a special "picture" to have in our memory as the last thing we saw of St. Lucia.

Maybe we can all get together again and enjoy Normand's and Louise's hospitality!

Take care everyone!!!

Carol and Dave Eakins -

The first to repeat!

Bill, BT, Tom, Nancy, Ed and Mary - St. Lucia - HotelsWe were so happy to return to The Inn on the Bay, this time with old friends for a "friend fix".  

Since we had been to The Inn before, we thought we knew what to expect, but our stay was even better than we remembered or expected. 

It was a perfect island visit: intimate surroundings, with old and new friends nearby; relaxation, with enough activity choices for anyone (sailing and the rain forest are real winners); fine dining, although nothing can compare to Louise' cuisine; gorgeous sunsets from the new deck; the bay at the bottom of the steps; and the personal attention of most gracious and hospitable host and hostess imaginable. 

We have never found such a comfortable and warm welcome at any holiday destination and look forward to yet another visit to The Inn. We were the first to repeat, maybe we'll be the first to three-peat!

You have certainly conquered all the challenges described in "Don't Stop the Carnival."


Bill and BT Clark -

Your wonderful hospitality!

Margaret and Gene Kancianic - St. Lucia - HotelsJust wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Inn on the Bay.  

The magnificent view, the sunrises, the sunsets, breakfast and of course Louise's gardens will always be remembered as well as the friendships that we made.  

And certainly but not least, your wonderful hospitality and sense of humor added to our contentment.

Thanks for the memories,

Margaret and Gene Kancianic -

You guys made our vacation!

Chris and Kathy Carlson - St. Lucia - HotelsAs I sit looking out my office window at the gray Washington skies, I long for the sun, the crystal blue waters and the warm hospitality of Saint Lucia and the Inn on the Bay. When Chris and I recount our adventure in the West Indies, your names come up often and with affection.  

You both have a lovely way of making those who stay with you feel as though you are part of a family.

Normand, your assistance with arranging our sailing excursion and your helpful "island hints" were much appreciated as we attempted to make our way around the island's steep, winding roads in our compact, non-air conditioned rental vehicle. 

Thank you for everything.  You guys made our vacation!

Chris and Kathey Carlson -

Dear Normand and Louise...

John and Kathleen Shawver - St. Lucia HotelsHad a wonderful time the week we were there. You have the friendliest and warmest inn we have ever had the pleasure of staying at. 

You go out of your way to provide all of the extra touches that are so often forgotten about today. That in itself is very pleasant and refreshing, please do not ever change.

The two of  you make everyone feel very welcome and are always there for whatever is needed of either of your. That is why your inn is such a great success.

We are looking forward to our next visit and hope the next trip can be longer.  

In the meantime may God bless you both and  watch over you always.

Take care of yourselves.


John and Kathleen Shawver 

It was Perfect!

Kirstin and Tom Carey - St. Lucia HotelsAfter searching high and low for a place to spend our honeymoon, we chose The Inn On The Bay.  It was perfect!  

Our room was spacious, allowing for a spectacular breeze, and breakfast each morning was delicious. The view from the deck was breathtaking.  

Normand and Louise made our stay especially warm and friendly.  They helped us find wonderful ways to spend our vacation, without intruding on our time alone together.  

By staying at The Inn, we had the unique opportunity of experiencing St. Lucia in all of it's natural beauty and splendor without feeling overwhelmed by large groups of tourists. We swam under a crystal clear waterfall in the rain forest, snorkeled with rainbow colored fish, sailed along the perfectly blue Caribbean Sea, ate lunch along a beach of black sand and enjoyed the fiery sunsets along the front porch of The Inn.  

Words alone cannot describe the wonders to be found at The Inn on the Bay.  They must be experienced. 

Thank you.  We had a wonderful time.  For the first time in our lives, we both actually relaxed!

Kirstin & Tom Carey 

Thanks for the memories!

Susan and Tom Doering - St. Lucia HotelsSusan and I had a fantastic time at your Inn!!!  

Believe me when I tell you that Sandals has nothing on The Inn On The Bay when it comes to hospitality!!  

Both you and Louise were the consummate hosts!  

We couldn't have picked a better place to spend our honeymoon.  

Thanks for the memories!

Tom and Susan Doering -

The wedding of our dreams! 

Jill and Brian Lawver - St. Lucia HotelsWe both wanted to thank you for how special you made our stay.  The personal touches really shine.  The Inn gave us the opportunity to make friends with the other guests, yet have privacy when we wanted it.  The breeze at night made it so easy to fall asleep. I loved waking up every morning to the birds singing and the sun shining in.  It was incredible! It really captured the tropical spirit being able to eat fresh fruit and muffins while sitting in the warm morning sun on the deck overlooking the bay with the tropical breeze gently blowing. 

It was a rude awakening when the alarm went off this morning and it was still dark out.  You and Louise made our stay feel like we were visiting friends rather than staying at a "Bed and Breakfast".  It was nice having Normand to drive us to the bay when we were lazy and didn't feel like walking (most of the time).  Our wedding was more than we ever dreamed!!  We were expecting something very impersonal and the two of you made it into the wedding of our dreams. 

Thanks for all of your hard work and planning.  We felt very lucky to have selected the "Inn on the Bay" to begin our life together.  We tried to be good guests... but that was very hard for Brian!!  I have forgiven you for the French lesson though!!!

Talk to you soon!!

Brian and Jill Lawver  

We had a wonderful time!

Paul Philhart and Kim Sell - St. Lucia HotelsJust a short note to say "Thank you" for your hospitality during our stay at your Inn. Kym and I had a wonderful time at your place and thoroughly enjoyed the island adventures we had. 

I think our favorite had to be the "Jungle Tour". I'm sure we will return to St. Lucia again in the future, and will probably try to introduce some friends to your Inn as well. 

Thanks again for everything.


I'd like to reiterate our gratitude to you and Louise and everyone in the Bay who made us feel welcome and very comfortable while we were away.  You definitely have an eminent facility in the Bay as well as on the Island of St. Lucia.  

No other place that we saw when we were there or journeyed by, while picking people up for the catamaran cruise, compared with the tranquility you experience while at the Inn on the Bay.  All of our needs were satiated this includes everything from the food to the wonderful experiences with the local people in their culture. 


Paul Philhart & Kym Sell -

We think of you often...

Mary and Rick Wells - St. Lucia HotelsI saved your e-mail from April.  You sent some very nice pictures to us at this time.  

It is fun to recall the laughter, warmth and beauty of "Inn On The Bay."  We think of you often. Oh how we miss you!! 

We had the most wonderful stay at the Inn on the Bay.  With hosts like you, what can one say, that we will indeed be back that way.  And with friends along , to enjoy each day! 

You touched our lives in a very special way, so God bless you and stay healthy and safe until we meet again.   

We have been in contact with Ralph and Mary and will continue to work to gather the "wild bunch" once again gracing your pool with our laughter. 

Thank you for the fabulous legacy. 

Love and Kisses,

Mary and Rick Wells -

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Come and enjoy our beautiful island!

Louise and Normand - St. Lucia - HotelsThere really is something for everyone in St. Lucia and it's all yours to enjoy from The Inn On The Bay.

We're sure you'll find activities and outings that will make your stay a memorable one in every way!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more info on St. Lucia.

It will be our pleasure to make sure all your questions are answered.

We look forward to welcoming you to St. Lucia!

Your hosts at The Inn On The Bay,

Louise et Normand... with Hubert and Karla, our friends and resident managers.



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