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A Few Things that Await You at The Inn On The Bay!

"A Comfortable Room, Fantastic Views of Marigot Bay, Delicious Breakfasts, a Free Cell Phone for You to Stay in Touch with Us during your Holidays as well as a Personalized Concierge Service!"

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The most spectacular place!

Matt and Jodi Tiffany - St. Lucia - HotelsWe have so many wonderful memories of our trip and time we spent with you. On the last day I just stood on the deck and was trying to imbed the view into my mind's eye.  It is the most spectacular place and our pictures just don't do it justice.  I also miss the yummy grapefruit and fresh-baked goodies in the morning and all the other personal touches you put into our stay.    

We definitely had a great time and recommend your Inn to all!

Many thanks again,

Matt and Jodi Tiffany (The "kids"!) - Otsego, Michigan, USA -

Thanks for a fantastic vacation!

Dorenda Buisch and Greg Zimmer - St. Lucia - HotelsThe Inn On The Bay provided a perfect combination of beauty and privacy while offering an environment to form close and lasting friendships with the other guests. A truly international experience. 

Seeing every sunrise and sunset from the decks was marvelous. Naturally, plans will be formed to visit you again. 

We also greatly appreciate the many things you went out of your way to do that made for such a memorable time.

Thanks for a fantastic vacation,

Dorenda Buisch and Greg Zimmer - Alton, NY, USA -

As wonderful as it was 2 years ago!

Terri and Dave - St. Lucia - HotelsOur return visit to the "Inn" was as wonderful as it was 2 years ago! We only had five days together this vacation, so we made the best of it by coming here. 

Normand and Louise are the best hosts! The new steps to the water are great, doubling as a great workout, topped off with a refreshing dunk in the pool to cool off again.

The "Inn" is just the right size; the other people staying here are fun to relax with if you choose, or just be with your "sweetie". 

No matter what you want to do, Normand is always there with the answer and arrangements. He makes it all happen (The Godfather of Marigot Bay?). And Louise's continental-plus breakfast (with fresh sliced grapefruit and awesome fresh baked treats) is the BEST! The only vacation where I eat so well...

Returning to Inn on the Bay is like visiting old friends. So much fun and great memories. 

Thanks Normand and Louise (and extended family).

Dave Gardiner and Terri Gerber (the Sweeties/Birdies!) - Boston, USA -

We are going to come back!

Sue and John Mulvehill - St. Lucia - HotelsAfter 12 wonderful days, getting into the taxi that afternoon we left, was very difficult.  We had of the most memorable Honeymoon at The Inn On The Bay. You welcomed us into your home, and made us feel like family.

We miss the breakfasts with our friends and the neighborhood birds. But who could forget the tree frogs "bleeps" at night. What made it so great was the sun, the sailing trip to the Soufriere, the 2 Friday nights at the Anse La Raye jump up party, the jungle tour, the awesome food especially the fresh seafood and fruit, our trip to the Green Parrot for dinner the night before we left, and most of all, our new friends and our gracious host and hostess, Normand and Louise.

We are going to come back as often as we can.  Hopefully we can meet up with our new friends in the near future. 

We miss you all very much!!!!!

All our love...and thanks...

Sue and John Mulvehill -

We do plan to return!

Leonard and Denise Toye - St. Lucia - HotelsThank you so much for the picture. We both went back to work today, very reluctantly I must say. We had a wonderful time on our holiday.  

The Inn is such a relaxed and comfortable place to stay, and you both made us feel at home. We came home to very cold temperatures, so it is very pleasant to recall the wonderful warm waters of Marigot Bay. It is fun to see that Cora and Richard have already sent in their comments.  

We really enjoyed meeting them as well as the other guest.  It was really fun and interesting to meet couples from all over the world and being able to enjoy each others company over dinner or just sitting around the pool talking.  

We enjoyed meeting the local people and found them very warm and hospitable. We do plan to return. We look forward to being able to wake up again to the beautiful view from the Inn, be able to hear the tree frogs in the evenings and to feel the warm breeze from the ocean.

Thanks again for making our holiday one we will always cherish.

Best Wishes,

Denise Toye- Silveira and Leonard Silveira - Tracy, California, USA  

We stayed 14 days!

Pat Walsh and Ron Fridell - St. Lucia - HotelsNormand and Louise have created a place where we could be untypical Americans and actually stay longer than 5 days. We stayed 14 days. It could have been longer. We began to know the roads, recognize a few local people, and almost coax the morning bullfinches to eat from our hands. In 14 days, we were able to shed the U.S. pace, relax, and get onto Marigot Bay time. By the way, when you go, give up riding in cars and walk the hill.

Our best to a remarkable Normand and Louise.

Ron Fridell and Pat Walsh - Evanston, Illinois, USA -

A memorable holiday!

Cora and Richard Lynch - St. Lucia - HotelsWe had a wonderful time with you and the others. I really think your approach and personality made all the difference. We intend to stay in touch with the other guests.

We would be delighted to be a reference for you if any potential Irish guests ask. 

We will start to save shortly for a return visit !

Best Regards & Thanks again for a memorable holiday !

Cora and Richard Lynch - Farnane, Ireland -

Welcome to Paradise is Right!

Rosie and Shane Riddell - St. Lucia - HotelsNow that we have our feet firmly planted back in reality, it's about time for us to write and say thanks.

The splendor of your beautiful Inn was only outdone by your gracious hospitality. 

The personal touches ranging from Louise's fantastic fresh breakfasts to Normand's ever so timely chauffeur services are just a couple of the reasons that made our vacation at the Inn on the Bay so memorable.

To compliment this fine hospitality is quite possibly the most magnificent location and view on the island.

We thank-you Normand & Louise for sharing in our wonderful vacation and hope to see you soon.

Shane & Rosie Riddell -

A Great Place to Stay!

Lesa and I made it home to Topeka without any problems.  

Albert was right on time this morning. We thank you for making the early arrangements and the loaning of the alarm clock.

Lesa and Terry Roberts - St. Lucia - HotelsLesa and I would like to again thank Louise and yourself for all your efforts, in making our first and hopefully not our last stay in St. Lucia and the Inn so....wonderful.  

The Inn on the Bay is great place to stay.  In choosing the Inn and St. Lucia, we where looking forward to a quiet and relaxing week of vacation, after all the stress of the wedding arrangements and we where not disappointed. 

Thank you Normand for the special transportation each night for dinner.

For now so long!

Lesa and Terry Roberts - Topeka, Kansas, USA -

It exceeded our expectations!

Thanks so much for sending us the picture.  It looked great.  Both Alyssa and I want to thank you both for being such wonderful hosts for our vacation at The Inn On the Bay.

Usually, when you find a vacation spot on the web, the reality is somewhat less that the pictures.  In your case, I think the opposite is true.  Our experience at your Inn exceeded our expectations and then some.  The view is even nicer than your pictures and the cool breezes off the ocean really do make for good sleeping and sitting by the pool. (we had been a little concerned about no air conditioning on the island).

I also want to thank you both for the personal care and attention you gave us.  It is rare to find Innkeepers that take their individual guests needs as seriously as you and Louise do.  What amazed us the most, was that, after traveling all over the island, we didn't see any other hotel or inn that we would have rather stayed at.

Thanks again to you both for helping to make our vacation so wonderful.

Take good care of our little bird friends and we hope to see you again on our next trip.

Kindest regards,

Alyssa and Jonathan

Your friendly hospitality...

David & Patricia - St. Lucia - HotelsWhile we’re sure that honeymoons are memorable experiences for all newlyweds, Patricia and I believe ours couldn’t have been any better than staying at the Inn on the Bay.

Hands down, The Inn On The Bay is the perfect honeymoon spot. The Inn provides a quiet and private environment to relax and unwind, especially after several stressful weeks of planning a wedding. We felt that we could do as much or as little as we wanted.

While we did some sightseeing and shopping in Castries and Soufriere, we also spent several days just lounging around the pool. Our room was very clean, and the view was simply breathtaking. Michener was right!

One of the things we will always remember is your friendly hospitality. We thoroughly enjoyed the breakfasts each morning by the pool, your suggestions of things to see and do, your arranging local transportation, and your jokes! We also enjoyed making new friends with the other guests. It was particularly pleasant to spend a couple of nights going out with everyone for dinner.

We had such a great time at the Inn and in St. Lucia. Thank you so much for making it such a wonderful and memorable experience. We hope to return soon and will tell all our friends about your little piece of paradise. 

Until next time,

David & Patricia Blick - Annapolis, Maryland, USA  

Same time next year!

As Greg and I mentioned to you, we truly love to travel and have found quite a few tropical places that we have thoroughly enjoyed.  Also, we generally prefer B&Bs or small inns because of the personal attention they offer and the type of people who choose to vacation there. 

Greg and Lori Pisarcik - St. Lucia - HotelsWe can honestly say, however, that we have never found a more perfect spot than "The Inn On The Bay" - and we certainly have never had more delightful or entertaining hosts than you and Louise.  It's hard to believe that four days have passed since we departed from your little slice of heaven - how we miss sleeping with the tropical breezes sweeping through the room. 

We'll always remember your other guests who became our friends - Texans, Philadelphians, Canadians, Swiss - too bad we had to leave just as the Australians arrived!  One of my most pleasant memories is of the sound of conversation, laughter and merrymaking that seemed ever present during our days with you.  Normand, I wonder why the laughter always seemed to escalate when you were around?

There's no need for us to comment on the beauty of St. Lucia or the perfection of the Inn's location - your web site pictures are worth a thousand words.  We can honestly say that seeing is believing, and you and your Inn met or exceeded every expectation.  What fun it was on my first day back at work to pull up E-Mail and find your message with photos of our trip attached!  We vow to return - same time next year?

Until then -

Greg and Lori Pisarcik - March 1999

Back again!

Sometimes you try to repeat a wonderful experience and come away disappointed, but this was certainly not the case with our return to your inn. We so much enjoyed having more time with you and Louise, and were once again enchanted by the beauty and atmosphere of your place and the island.

The best to you both, and we'll be looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

Greg and Lori - March 2000

We dream of going back!

Chris and Cynthia Waymouth - St. Lucia - HotelsAn impetuous holiday in the Caribbean might have meant an anonymous hotel on a busy beach. Good fortune and Normand's intriguing web-site gave us a week of unfussed luxury at Inn on the Bay, a hedonistic blend of freedom, bare feet, tropical sun and the warmth of Normand and Louise's unobtrusive attention.

To leave the gray chill of England and arrive at the Bay in a balmy St. Lucian dusk.....greeted by N&L and led across the terrace to the balcony overlooking a dark bay twinkling with bobbing yacht lights.......this is surely the stuff of dreams. 

The balcony subsequently proves magnetic; what colour will the water be now? Dawn-lavender or deep afternoon aqua? What world-sailing yachts will anchor today? What's sailing out at sea? In Louise's lovely garden exotic birdsong and fragrant blooms unfold in early morning sun, mirrored at night by the swell of piping tree-frogs, crickets and Caribbean music drifting from afar. 

The constant sea breeze always greets hot travelers rounding the corner of the house, and gently cools the warmest night, a luxury far superior to air-conditioned sterility! Lazy terrace breakfasts -  fresh fruits and Louise's baked delights are recommended! - followed by travel consultations with Normand (who knows everyone and everything interesting!).....Adventurous days snorkeling, rain-foresting, sailing, shopping, all enjoyed in "island time" amongst the friendly St. Lucians....., 

Go and discover for yourselves the seductions of St. Lucia and Inn on the Bay, but do come home so you can dream of going back!

Chris and Cynthia Waymouth - Buckinghamshire, England  

Close to Paradise!

Nancy and Don Murdoch - St. Lucia - HotelsBefore we left on our trip we both agreed that if it were half as good as it looks on the web site that we would be very happy.  It's hard to believe, but the web site just doesn't do it justice....you can't feel the warm breezes, smell the flowers and Louise's muffins, hear the birds singing or Normand's "burn in hell" jokes...in other words, you have to be in St. Lucia to appreciate how wonderful it all is.  

Frankly though, we are still bummed out after our return....it is so difficult to go from Eastern Caribbean time to Eastern North Carolina time. Thanks for understanding what we needed in a vacation and doing everything to make sure that it happened....not only for us, but for all your guests.  

I really think that Inn on the Bay is as close to paradise as I've ever been and we have vacationed in the Caribbean before.   Thanks for sharing it with us. So now it's back to the grind and counting the months until we can return.  We are already looking forward to another couple of weeks with you all as soon as we can get away again. 


Don and Nancy Murdoch -

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