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A Few Things that Await You at The Inn On The Bay!

"A Comfortable Room, Fantastic Views of Marigot Bay, Delicious Breakfasts, a Free Cell Phone for You to Stay in Touch with Us during your Holidays as well as a Personalized Concierge Service!"

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The best hotel I've ever stayed in!

Steve and Jenny Greaves - St. Lucia - HotelsDear Normand and Louise,

Bonjour de Londres! Thanks so much for the photo (so professionally taken!). With such beautiful (and famous) models I can't believe we're not on your website! Steve says if you don't put us on he'll ring you uP and sing you a song! (be warned!).

Thank you for a wonderful stay - in the best hotel I've ever stayed in (and I do this for a living!). I was just eating a choc-chip muffin, so it reminded me of you, but obviously it wasn't any where near as good!

Have a great holiday.

Jenny and Steve Greaves - London, England 

Memories of the island we will cherish forever...

I cannot believe it's been over a year since Curt & I were there in "tropical paradise" with you. I know I promised to write a long time ago but once we were back to "reality" there never seemed to be time. We visit your web site often to just to see that beautiful view from the deck. Of course the photos don't do it any justice! We have told so many people to plan a vacation with you because there could not be any better people (friends) to stay with. 

Marcia and Curt Lindstrom - St. Lucia - HotelsI miss the beautiful morning breakfasts on the deck with all our little island bird friends. What I wouldn't give for some snorkeling followed by lunch at Doolitles including their pina coladas. They were the best on the island. I know because I tried them all! I will never forget our day of sailing with Michael. First of all because I was scared out of my mind to get on that boat but mostly because I know I have never seen Curt more relaxed in my life. There are no words to describe the way we felt when we were there. No phone, no television, no radio, just peacefulness and tropical beauty. We truly will never forget the "Normand morning blessing" or how Curt showed incoming guests how to order a beer........NORMAND!!!  We almost, I repeat, almost miss your jokes! Ha! Ha!

Please give our best to Moses when you see him. He was such a wonderful driver and guide. Tell him Marcia says "watch your head!" He is a wonderful asset to you. He treated us like family and he was so willing to do whatever we wanted to do. Now that we are in the "real world" in Wisconsin I sometimes hear music playing at night and all I think of is the evening tropical breezes blowing there on the deck and the sound of island music in the distance.I want to be there right now! We truly have memories of the island we will cherish forever. 

I just wanted to say hello and let you know we have not forgotten you. We would love to come back some day.  I would love to bring Curt's brother and sister in-law with us. What a time you would have with the four of us!!! Thank you for making our memories so wonderful. It would not have been the same if we had stayed at an All in-clusive like many of our friends suggested. Staying with you is what made it so special for us. 

Take care of yourselves and keep in touch!  Hopefully,someday I will call you and say "get our room ready!" 

God Bless. Miss you.... 

Love, your friends, 

Marcia & Curt Lindstrom - Wisconsin, USA  

Even better than advertised on your web site!

Bruce and Cate Jinneman - St. Lucia - HotelsThank you for the photo of our last day in paradise! This was the first vacation in many years where everything was Even better than advertised on your web site. We will never forget the wonderful breakfasts overlooking Marigot Bay. 

When you see Moses again, thank him once more for us for the fabulous evening he provided at the Friday night Anse La Raye fish fry, along with the fantastic meal his Uncle provided. It was probably the highlight of our trip!

We would also like to thank both of you for the wonderful hospitality (other than Norman's jokes) that you showed us. 

Cate and I can honestly say this is one vacation where we wouldn't change a thing!  We will definitely be returning!!!  


Bruce and Cate Jinneman - Rocklin, CA, USA  

Absolutely perfect!

Let us start by saying that our vacation was absolutely perfect especially because we were lucky enough to have found your wonderful inn. As unbelievable as this will seem to others, The Inn and Marigot Bay are even more beautiful and picturesque than is shown on the website. 

Gloria, Moses and Steven - St. Lucia - HotelsIn our short stay we kept very busy traveling around the island and visited the many other resorts and hotels that were available, however after seeing all there is we would not have chosen anywhere else except The Inn On The Bay. 

Normand, your knowledge of  St. Lucia is impressive and you never steered us wrong. You know everything there is to know to make someone's holiday complete and gave the best advice. From the restaurant recommendations, detailed directions and answers to our many questions it made it possible to see the best there is to see on St. Lucia. Louise, your wonderful breakfasts and warm hospitality were delightful and we feel so fortunate to have been able to stay with you. Our room was spacious, immaculate and comfortably cool with the constant ocean breezes. 

I want to especially thank you for arranging our evening with our guide and driver Moses for the Friday night fish fry in Anse La Raye. We have never been treated with such care and attention. Moses made us feel as if we were royalty, other people actually asked us if we were someone famous due to the unbelievable attention he provided. As Moses says "He just wants his people to have a good time". Well, we did, Thank you again Moses!

What is especially lovely about staying at a small inn is that you can become acquainted with the other guests that are staying there. We found the other guests at your inn interesting and well traveled and this made our stay more enjoyable. It is a different traveling experience to stay at such a special place and we will be back!! See you next year, until that time our memory of you both and St. Lucia will be a lasting one...

Warmest Regards,

Gloria and Steven Kuzminski - Hauppauge, NY, USA -

Our third year's visit has proven to be the best yet !!!

Sue and Tom Patello - St. Lucia - HotelsThank you for once again extending your warm hospitality and graciousness to us. Our third year's visit to Inn on the Bay has proven to be the best yet. 

Our gratitude to Roy for identifying that which we do (or don't do) in St. Lucia--"power lounging."  The week which we spend at your Inn allows us to kick back and relax for seven glorious days, leaving behind the stresses of life in the Big Apple. 

This year was made particularly wonderful by the camaraderie established between your guests, and you, leading to the formation of the Sunset Club. The members of said club have been communicating by e-mail, and will hopefully continue to do so. 

Please reserve a room for us next year for the week of February 16-23, as we intend to dance your way once more.  You are two of the most delightful people we have the pleasure of knowing, and we look forward to seeing you again nExt year.  Promise if you are ever in the New York area, you will give us a call.


Sue and Tom Patello - New York, USA -

The best vacation of our lives!

Dan Oswald and Susan Payette - St. Lucia - HotelsI am sure that I echo the comments of many who have stayed with you during the last five years when I say that we had the best vacation of our lives. 

The weather was great, our accommodations at your Inn were perfect, the breakfasts quite scrumptious as advertised and most of all, your ability to make us feel at home along with your other guests was extraordinary. I hope that the tradition of the "sunset club" will continue.

And thank you once again for organizing our very special sailing day - you earned a lot of 'extra points' that day!  Normand and Louise, you are the perfect hosts.

We will look forward to returning to St. Lucia and The Inn On The Bay.

Ŕ la prochaine!

Susan Payette and Dan Oswald - Toronto, Canada -

Everything we had hoped for and more!

David and Susan Hall - St. Lucia - HotelsThank you for a most wonderful week at the Inn on the Bay. Our holiday on St. Lucia in February 2001 was everything
we had hoped for and more; this was due not only to the beauty of the island, but also to your marvelous hospitality and to the ambience and surroundings at The Inn. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the home baked breakfasts on the terrace and are particularly grateful to you for pandering to our weird British habit of enjoying an early morning cup of tea in bed! This habit doesn't seem to have crossed the Atlantic and we often have to suffer withdrawal symptoms when we travel west - however, not at The Inn! 

The peace and the views and the snorkeling were also just what we wanted but at the same time our holiday was made truly special by our fellow guests - the Sunset Club! I am sure we have made lasting friendships as we all seemed to "click" so well. 

Again very many thanks for a wonderful stay. I'm sure we'll be back some day!

Susan and David Hall - Sheffield, England -

Always stay in our memories!

Lindsey Thomas-Embery and Ian Embery - St. Lucia - HotelsAs our tans begin to fade in the cold English climate, our minds return to the warm weather of St. Lucia and the warmest of welcomes that we received from Louise and Normand at the Inn On The Bay.

Ian and I wanted our honeymoon to be something very special and our time spent in the lush St. Lucian rainforest, the crystal blue waters of the ocean and the wonderfully strong rum punches of the local restaurants, will always stay in our memories.

Louise and Normand’s attention to detail was lovely; from the scrumptious breakfast selection each morning with wickedly delicious warm chocolate croissants, to buying more tea for the Brits and supplying fresh milk for our afternoon cuppa!

Normand’s attitude is truly Caribbean; everything we wanted or asked for, was met with the reply of ‘no problem’ from Normand!

We hoped for a little piece of paradise and we certainly found it, at the Inn On The Bay.

Lindsey Thomas-Embery and Ian Embery -Berkshire, England  

The perfect hosts ...  making your guests feel at home!

We came home feeling that we had spent two weeks with good friends, instead of the usual 'anonymous' hotel.
We had a fantastic time, thank you both so very much....

- - - - - -  - - - - - -

Susan Keen and Leif Friedstad - St. Lucia - HotelsI miss the early morning mist at dawn
And my first cup of coffee

I miss sharing breakfast with my feathered neighbours
And Leif of course oh ... and Nor  man  (with a 'd')...

I miss the unending laughter that would follow Normand's banter and yet another joke    ;>)  :>((    from somewhere around the pool...

I miss Louise, with her soft, quiet, unassuming manner - and her outrageous breakfasts...

I miss the gentle decisions for the day ahead - pool, bay, bay, pool, hire a car, take a tour ...  err no, perhaps just
the pool...  And the settle decisions of the evening - Supper in the bay, or Castries, or the Jump Up - Or a good bottle of wine and nibbles "at home"...

I miss(ed) the walk up and down the hill.
(Normand has a perfectly good car, why would I walk - I'm on holiday)

I miss leaving the deck mid afternoon for the tranquility and stillness of the terrace with the shimmer of sea, flutter of humming birds and gentle lapping of waves far below

...I just miss.

Thank you both ... for the perfect holiday!

Susan Keen and Leif Friestad - Oxfordshire, England -

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