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A Few Things that Await You at The Inn On The Bay!

"A Comfortable Room, Fantastic Views of Marigot Bay, Delicious Breakfasts, a Free Cell Phone for You to Stay in Touch with Us during your Holidays as well as a Personalized Concierge Service!"


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Wedding Bells!

Tim and Anne Lofts - St. Lucia - HotelsWe first visited The Inn on the Bay in May, 1999 and greatly enjoyed the location, the hospitality of the owners, Normand and Louise and, of course, the St Lucia Jazz Festival. 

When we decide to get married, it was an absolutely inspirational decision to go back to Marigot Bay. Our wedding party totalled 16 and all of the arrangements had to be done 'long distance' in advance of our arrival. Normand couldn't have been more helpful, both before we arrived and during our stay. He contacted the owner of the wedding venue, put us in touch with an outstanding caterer, organised a photographer, liased with lawyers about the marriage licence and still had time to be the perfect 'mine host' during our two weeks at the Inn. 

Anyone looking to have a very special wedding against a backdrop of phenomenal beauty (Marigot Bay!) should get in touch with the Inn on the Bay. We have such wonderful memories of the day, that will surely be with us throughout our lives - thank you Normand and Louise for helping to create them!

Tim & Anne Lofts - London, UK -

A truly wonderful vacation!

Mike Carroll and Cheri Murray - St. Lucia - HotelsThank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!! The picture will be a treasured momento of a truly wonderful vacation! We cannot express enough how comfortable we felt and how your generosity knows no bounds... 

One one hand we want to tell everyone we know about Inn on the Bay, but then again we don't to spread the word so much that when the opportunity arises for us to visit again you won't be able to find space for us... ha! ha! Our secret haven in St. Lucia... 

And.... Dinner at the Coal Pot with you both was pure heaven!  The food and the camaraderie made for a very special evening!  It felt like we had known each other for ages instead of just a few days!

With sincerest appreciation...

Cheri Murray and Mike Carroll - South Portland, Maine, USA -

A remarkably memorable vacation!

We've been home in Chicago for a few days now and every evening we look up at the moon and comment that it is also shining over Marigot Bay. We will never forget the incredible experience of being your guests at the Inn.  As you know we are planning on coming back in 15 months and have already convinced some of our friends and family to join us. Bob just served me some pineapple which he cut exactly as Louise does.  It is not nearly as good, but brings back good memories.  We will not eat mangos or bananas for a while because we know we will be disappointed. Bob has complained since we got home because there is no one to prepare his morning coffee, muffins, and fruit!!!

Sally Scaman and Bob Huff - St. Lucia - HotelsWe loved all the special attention and assistance you lavished on us. It was such a thrill to feel that we were part of the small community of Marigot Bay, because we were Normand's guests. You cannot imagine our pleasant surprise when Gildette at the Chateau Mygo brought our check at the end of our first visit and asked if we were ready for her to call Normand. When we asked how she knew we were staying with Normand, she replied that she saw him drop us off for dinner. We appreciated all your advice, scheduling, reservations, and the energy you invested in making our vacation perfect.

I am so pleased that we found you and trusted our instincts when we booked our stay at the Inn. You made that decision easy by your quick response to our first email which you followed up with a phone call.

I particularly appreciated the way that you fostered a spirit of community among your guests. It was fun to meet so many interesting people and share the unique experience of being your guests. One of our fondest memories is the evening that we spent with you at the Green Parrot. We highly recommend you as dinner guests to anyone.  We completely enjoyed the lively conversation, relaxing atmosphere, excellent wine and delectable offerings of Chef Harry.

Favorite Drinks:
        JJ's Delight at JJ's
        Dirty Banana At Green Parrot
        Shack Attack at The Shack
        Black Kiss at the Coal Pot
        Coffee St Lucia at Chateau Mygo
        Crystal Lime and Sprite poolside at The Inn On The Bay *
*Normand will provide the sprite, but you have to get your own rum.

Favorite Soup:
        Seafood chowder at Chateau Mygo
        Vichyssoise at The Green Parrot
        Seafood Gazpacho at Dasheene

Favorite Salad/Appetizer:
        Seafood Caesar at Dasheene
        Conch Fritters at The Shack

Favorite Entree:
        Cocoanut Tiger Shrimp at Oceana
        Warm-water Lobster at Anse La Raye Friday Jump Up
        Broiled Snapper at The Coal Pot
        Broiled Mahi Mahi at Chateau Mygo
        Fresh Seafood everywhere we ate

Favorite Sandwich:
        Flying Fish Sandwich at Doolittles

Favorite Dessert:
        Roasted Banana with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup at Dasheene Restaurant
        Banana Flambe at Cateau Mygo
        Creme Brulee at The Coal Pot

Favorite Outings:
        Anse La Raye Friday Fish Jump Up
        Snorkeling at Anse Chastenet and buffet lunch at the hotel
        Sail to Soufrere
        Tour of Bounty Rhum

Favorite Non-activities:

        Noodling in the pool
        No TV
        No phones
        Playing Monopoly and Scrabble

We truly felt as though we were old friends that you had invited to be your
guests, not just paying transients.  It was a remarkably memorable vacation
that will live in our hearts and memories for many years to come.

Looking forward to our next visit,

Sally Scaman and Bob Huff - Chicago, Illinois, USA -

PS: This was our best Honeymoon yet, (Number 11!!)

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our stay!

Clare & Robert Williams - St. Lucia - HotelsI would just like to say that Robert and I had the most wonderful time with you.  You might remember me turning up for breakfast in my breeches!  Enjoyed the riding! (photo attached!!!)

Normand, you are the most fantastic host.  And a host with a sense of humour.  That doesn't happen very often!  We really appreciated your friendly and hospitable attitude.  You must get fed up with collecting people from the Bay at 10.00 every night!

We may have told you, but we have been to St Lucia twice before.  This time was the best.  So nice to be able to stay somewhere small and informal where our every need was almost anticipated!

You were brilliant, booking up everything that we wanted to do.  e.g. Sailing, excusions, riding, etc.  We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our stay.  I'm glad we did "The Steps".  Only once I must admit.  That was enough for me!  My thigh muscles were aching two days later!

Louise, the breakfasts were wonderful.  I especially liked the melon and grapefruit, but the muffins were something to write home about!

We would love to come back again.  When funds permit!  I just can't wait! You are so lucky living there all the time!

It is pretty cold here in England now.  At least it's not raining!  And Spring is on the way!

Think of you every day - and I'm not joking!

Thank you very much !!!!  I do B&B occasionally in England.  Come over!

Much love - to you both,

Clare and Robert Williams xx - Newmarket, Suffolk, UK -

The most beautiful place on the island!

Jennifer Hunter and Michael Aldred - St. Lucia - HotelsWe cannot thank you enough for your hospitality. Your home is lovely and you made us feel very welcome. Your assistance with booking our day trips and your advice on things to do and organizing and coordinating all the little extras allowed us to enjoy paradise and really relax! 

We are still laughing at your jokes Normand, and Louise, we miss your breakfasts...don't usually take the time to eat in the morning at home. If you have a chance - could you e-mail me your recipe for your cheddar cheese muffins - Michael has not stopped raving about them.

We had a simply wonderful time. Booking our stay at the Inn on the Bay was the smartest thing we ever did, and we certainly chose the most beautiful place on the island. We will highly recommend your home to anyone we know who is planning to travel to St. Lucia, and please feel free to give our email address to any potential guests who are looking for information about staying with you.

Until we meet again....

Jennifer Hunter & Michael Aldred - Vancouver, BC, Canada -

A fabulous and unforgettable holiday!

Ann & Richard Kingscott - St. Lucia - HotelsHaving now got back to the cold and wet UK, it really emphasises how much we enjoyed our time with you in Marigot Bay.  

The idyllic location of the Inn (some of the best views we've ever seen!), the roguish humour of Normand and the wonderful friendliness of Louise (not to mention the muffins!) made for a fabulous and unforgettable holiday.  

The Inn on the Bay can be recommended, without reservation, as one of the best holidays anyone could ever wish for.

Thanks for everything Normand & Louise - we'll doubtless be back to see you again!

Richard & Ann Kingscott - Surrey, UK -

One of the best spots on the island!

Once again thanks for the excellent hospitality provided at The Inn on the Bay. 

Colin & Eva Gittens - St. Lucia - HotelsWithout doubt this is one of the best spots on the island and provided a great base for a fantastic holiday.

We definitely hope to come back in the future and would highly recommend the hotel to anyone planning a trip to Saint Lucia.

You won't find more friendly hosts!!


Eva & Colin Gittens - Bristol, UK -

Our best holiday ever!

Carole and David White - St. Lucia - HotelsWe are back in reality. It is cold and wet and we are both suffering from thermal shock.

Well what can we say other than thank you both so much for our wonderful stay at the Inn On The Bay. The setting, the standard of accommodation and your attentiveness to your guests were the major factor in us enjoying our best holiday ever. You made us feel we were staying with friends.

We are looking forward to visiting the Inn On The Bay again in the not to distant future. This is a must as I (Dave) have to visit the Green Parrot again and try that special starter.

You really do give your guests the opportunity to sample a little bit of paradise. One could be forgiven for thinking one had died and gone to heaven.

We wish you both continued success and happiness and look forward to staying with you when we next visit the island.

Best regards,

Carole and Dave White - Lavendon, UK. -

Our little slice of heaven in paradise!

We will recommend your wonderful Inn on the Bay to all of our friends.  Needless to say, you both made us feel very much at home and comfortable!  

Nola and Sal Lara - St. Lucia - HotelsOur room was lovely and we can't tell you how much we appreciated arriving and seeing that the windows have screens!!  Not that your place had a single mosquito--it DID NOT--but there is something very comforting about opening the window and having a screen between oneself and the outside!  

The breeze was absolutely wonderful and we slept very well every night. Also, your Inn is perfectly located in a central position to visit all  of the sights and snorkeling spots on the island.  We really enjoyed the snorkel spot that you have at the foot of your stairs!  The water at your snorkel spot is very clear and calm.  

As we had never visited St. Lucia before, we had not a clue where to stay.  We are sure happy that we found your Inn on the Bay--our little slice of heaven in paradise!

Thanks again for all the rides you gave us and your help with everything!

Hope to see you again soon.

Nola and Sal Lara - USA -

Marigot Bay is truly paradise!

Dear Louise and Normand... Merci beaucoup! Thank you so much for a very enjoyable vacation. Chuck and Jackie Glazer - St. Lucia HotelsWe loved staying at your Inn and enjoyed your warm hospitality. We will tell all our friends about your place and your quiet little paradise!

The Inn was the perfect place to celebrate out 30th year of marriage. Perfect weather! Perfect accomodations! Great food and service! Marigot Bay is truly paradise.

We hope to return someday soon.

Best regards,

Chuck and Jackie Glazer, Pittsburgh PA, USA

Our 2nd year in a row!

Bob & Rita Sussman - St. Lucia - HotelsWe have been wanting to get back with you and let you know what a good time we had again this year but got tied back into our work and everyday routine and let things slip.This was our 2nd year in a row and what a grand time we had, even better then last year!

This year we stayed 2 weeks which gave us the time to adventure with a 4-wheel drive on more of the back roads
on the north and east sides of the island. We tried to take every road we came upon and didn't miss many! Every day was a fun filled adventure as we headed out never knowing what to expect. The local people were very friendly and always helpful. 

The mornings at breakfast and evenings before dinner were spent with the other guests on the patio sharing their daily adventures and getting to know each other. Normand and Louise are wonderful hosts. You are in good hands here. Normand with early morning coffee and the anticipation of Lousie's chocolate bread. Superb. The weather is wonderful with comfortable tropical breezes and the occasional quick showers. Oh! don't forget steak night at the Shack in Marigot Bay. Ultimate place to relax and play.

Thanks again for a wonderful time,

Rita & Bob Sussman - Littleton, Colorado, USA -

Our second stay at the Inn On The Bay!

Ralph and Mary Harris - St. Lucia - HotelsMary and I loved our second stay at the Inn On The Bay. Normand and Louise were wonderful hosts as always. We enjoyed the morning breakfast consisting of coffee, fresh fruit, cheese, cereals, and homemade breads that Louise prepared every morning. Evenings were spent sitting on the deck drinking a French wine that Norman and Louise had selected for us. 

Normand is a very humorous and entertaining host. Both he and Louise cater to their guests, which provides for a wonderful and relaxing vacation. There are many possible outings, which guests can enjoy. Since we had been to the southern part of the island on our first trip to St. Lucia, this time we enjoyed a day of sailing to Rodney Bay and Pigeon Point which Norman organized for us. 

Though it is fun to see as much of the beautiful island of St. Lucia as possible, it is fantastic to return to the Inn on the Bay each evening to partake of this little bit of paradise. It is truly a very special place.

Ralph and Mary Harris - Green Valley, Arizona, USA -

We now know what paradise looks like!  

Kathy and Derek Waldron - St. Lucia - HotelsOur holiday at Marigot Bay was undoubtedly the best ever thanks to Normand and Louise and of course, the other guests staying at The Inn on the Bay.  The views from the Inn were fantastic, and the accommodation excellent.  Our hosts hospitality, attention to our every need and the chauffeur service to the bay really made our holiday.

We will never forget morning breakfast spent talking with the other guests.  Enjoying the excellent selection of fruits, homemade bread and all the other items too numerous to mention.  But also the humour.  Normand, your jokes really set us up for the day!

We are constantly looking at the photographs of our holiday, the sailing, snorkelling and the Island trips continue to bring back very happy memories.  Also, remembering the great time we had relaxing around the pool with Sandy and Jerry, Richard and Sylvie, Dave and Sharon, Jerry and Chris.  Happy days!

Kathy and I wish you every success for the future and we look forward to returning for that promised reunion.

Kathy and Derek Waldron - Buckinghamshire, UK -

We are hoping to come again next year!

We arrived home safe and sound last night about 1:00 a.m.  We returned to below zero temperatures and 2" of snow. How rude!!  At least it isn't supposed to last long.

I think last week at this time, we were about 1/2 way back up the steps that goes down to the Bay.  We had to stop at all the benches.  George had some questions for Dale to ponder on. :) 

George and Johanne Brink - Carole and Dale Pashea - St. Lucia - HotelsWe had a most wonderful trip as we knew we would.  The view at your Inn on the Bay is unbelievably magnificient and of course, the delicious breakfasts every morning shared with Mr. and Mrs. Bullfinch, among others, power lounging and playing cards by the pool,  yours and Louise' gracious hospitality, not to mention humor, impressions, and lots of answers to almost any question one might have, made our stay even more enjoyable.  

We will miss meeting at 6:00 p.m. for the Sunset Club.  It is a great idea for the guests to "bond".  I thought George and Dale did that well, didn't you?  Thank you for all of your recommendations as to restaurants, making our reservations for the Jungle Tour, and anything else we needed.  

You and Louise made our vacation to St. Lucia even more relaxing and enjoyable because we didn't have to worry or stress about where to go, what to do, etc. --  an added feature that most B&B's don't bother with, unfortunately.

Once again, we all had a most wonderful vacation at Inn on the Bay and we are hoping to come again next year, same time, same place.  We'll keep in touch and thanks again for everything. 

Regards to you both,

Carole & Dale Pashea - St. Albans, MO, USA  

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St. Lucia - Come and enjoy our beautiful island!

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We have tried to offer you a warm and romantic ambiance, individualized attention and personal service during your stay, as well as a wide choice of activities (sailing, water sports, excursions, etc...).

We are most happy to learn that you were pleased with your stay in St. Lucia and privileged to have been able to share our paradise with you.

Until we meet again!

Louise and Normand... with Hubert and Karla, our friends and resident managers.



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